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A Successful Adoption


Yesterday I released 5 Canada goslings into a new family at a small lake in Hugo. The wonderful thing about adult Canada Geese is that they are great at taking in young that aren’t their own, even if they have their own babies. Mallards and other types of waterfowl are not this flexible about accepting other young, and will actually harm the new babies. That is why we keep them at WRC in our waterfowl nursery until their adult feathers are in and they can fly. We try to foster out Canada goslings as soon as we can after they are admitted.

This particular family only had one gosling of their own that was about a week old. The new 5 took off into the water, one of the adults swam over honking, and the young quickly lined up and followed him/her to the other adult and their baby. They all proceeded to swim off into the sunset!

One Response to “A Successful Adoption”

  1. Threse Mc Says:

    What a great outcome! Canada geese are such wonderful parents, too. I love how they parent together, both watching over their young.