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Mallard Banding and Release


What a perfect day for a duck release.  Today several volunteers and staff rounded up more than 40 ducks from our outdoor caging at Carpenter Nature Center for release.

Before transporting the ducks to their new home they were each checked for body and feather condition and fitted with federal ID bands.  Thanks to Jim Fitzpatrick, licensed bird bander, and his banding crew, all the mallards released today were banded.

Having birds banded before release is important because band reports provide vital information about wild populations.  We once had a band report on a Canada Goose that was raised in our nursery seven years after its release.

The mallards were released in Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park.  It was apparent by the flapping, diving, and preening that these ducks approved of their new home.


One Response to “Mallard Banding and Release”

  1. Ashley Says:

    awesome pictures!=)