Caring for Minnesota's wildlife

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota provides
quality medical care and rehabilitation for all injured,
sick and orphaned wild animals, and shares its knowledge
with the people who care about them.


Open every day of the year!



9am-6pm every day





Year-Round Volunteering on the ACC


For those who want a more in-depth volunteering position, our year-round Animal Care Crew (ACC) is the answer. In this area you'll have the opportunity to work with nearly 160 different species of animals, pretty much all the adult animals we have in the building for treatment. Because of this, we do require the rabies pre-exposure vaccine. You'll want to make sure your insurance covers these shots, or at least be able to apply them to your deductible (roughly $200-300/shot for 3 shots, plus a titer draw after your last shot).


Our ACC volunteers are required to be 18 years or older and work with everything from the amazing Trumpeter Swans and snapping turtles to the more common backyard animals such as squirrels, rabbits and cardinals.


Minimum commitment to the ACC is 9 months, but many of our volunteers have been with us for more than 5 years! You may also choose to pick up an additional seasonal shift in one of our nurseries if you'd like without losing your position on ACC.


Seasonal Oppportunities

During the peak season (May-Sept.), the WRC operates an outdoor final stage rehab facility in Inver Grove Heights. Animals at this stage receive care only twice a day and have large outdoor areas to develop strength and balance they need to survive in the wild. Volunteering at our Darvan facility does require outdoor work in all weather - the animals don't care if it's storming outside. You must be 18 years of age to volunteer here and you do not need the rabies vaccine.


There are two shifts a day at Darvan and each shift lasts 3-4 hours. The morning shift begins at 9am and the evening shift at 5pm.


If you're interested in volunteering at Darvan, please indicate what day of the week, and which shift (am/pm) in the "NOTES" area on the volunteer application.



At our location in Roseville:

Our Mammal Nursery opens first, in mid April. There are three shifts a day, seven days a week to choose from. Our greatest need is during the morning and mid-day shifts, and on the weekend evening shifts. You do not need the rabies vaccine for this nursery as you'll be working with non-rabies vector species. This nursery runs through early October, with a small break mid-season.


Our Avian Nursery and Waterfowl Nursery open in early to mid-May.


The Avian Nursery is a busy nursery as the birds need to be fed every 20 minutes throughout the day. If you have a passion for birds and want to learn more about our feathered friends, this is a fascinating nursery to be in. Shifts are available from 8am-8pm every day of the week.


Our Waterfowl Nursery is a bit more hands-off since ducks are precocial, meaning that from the time they hatch they feed themselves (no hand-feeding needed!). Shifts in this nursery run only in the morning and in the evening, and tend to be a bit shorter than the Mammal or Avian shifts. It's also the only nursery where teens 14 and older can volunteer with a parent. These shifts fill quickly, so if you want to volunteer with your son or daughter, or grandchild, apply soon!


Here's our online application. If you have questions, drop our Volunteer Director Liz Cross an email.

Questions? Wish to Apply?

We're sure you have lots of questions about volunteering with us. We provide all hands-on training and have a specific orientation program for each volunteer area. You may email specific questions to our Volunteer Services Director Liz Cross. Or, if you're simply ready to apply, please complete our online application.